Strict QA  procedures are critical to ensure works are carried out to the highest standards and ensure any repaired or recoated areas stand the test of time.

Monitoring the following processes during remedial works ensures the correct parameters are adhered to;

  • Relative Humidity – Whirling Hygrometer
  • Dew point – Dew point Meter
  • Ambient & Surface Temperatures
  • Film Thickness – D.f.t – Dry Film Thickness Gauge/ W.f.t - Wet Film Thickness Comb
  • Adhesion – Hydraulic Adhesion Tester / Cross Hatch Tester
  • Colour Consistency – CIELAB / Grey Scale - Spectrophotometer

Relevant measurements and records are either sent across on a scheduled basis or upon project completion.

In-house lab equipment and facilities allows the testing of specific physical properties to new and aged coatings, providing quantitative data results where required.