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In House test facility With the capability of our in house lab, we are able to carry out testing of specific physical properties to new and aged coatings, providing quantative data results if required.
Spectrophotometer For measuring precise Colour and Gloss. Used in-house for colour matching and defining. On-site to ensure tolerances are kept within standards.
Pencil Hardness Tester - A standard testing procedure which provides a quantative value for paint resistance to scratching. (Complies to ASTM D3363).
H.A.T.E. (Hydraulic Adhesion Test) Tests paint adhesion to any substrate, and provides a quantative p.s.i. value for paint delamination.
Cross Hatch - A standard on-site test for paint adhesion, providing speedy data for paint adhesion to substrate.
Dry Film Thickness Tester Measures the thickness of the paint film
applied to ferrous or no-ferrous substrate.